Reduce Patient Attrition

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retain patients
increase referrals
increase patient referrals
strengthen patient loyalty
increasing number of visits
elevate patient treatment

It's that easy! The fact is dentists can’t afford to lose hard-won patients. The team at Patient News can help you reduce churn and boost lifetime value by implementing a retention program with out-of-office communications and upsell tactics. When launching an internal marketing initiative, start by ensuring your practice is competitive against others in your area and that patients view your services as ideal.  

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from your existing patients-of-record. 


Client Testimonials

Dr. Pica

Dr. Corina Pica, Acora Dental 
"I am happy with my account manager and the fact that she is receptive to adapt to my needs." 



Dr. Westa
Dr. Keith Wester , Wester Dental Care, PC
"Love your service – Carrie is the best!"