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Increase Dental Practice Production & Profits

Get more, satisfied, patients through your door with efficiency

Every dentist and dental team wants to make a difference in the lives of the patients they care for. In turn, by helping more people and providing exceptional dentistry and care, profits increase.

But it’s not just what happens in the dental chair that affects your ability to increase dental practice revenue and patient satisfaction. It takes business intelligence, great communication and value-added information to create the best experience for your patients so you can grow and maximize practice value.


“Thanks to Patient NEWS and Phone Power, we’ve converted more leads than ever.” – Dr. Jason Monroe

Know your patients & improve their journey

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Knowing how patients find you, why they choose your practice, what their objections are and where the ball might be dropped in the patient journey, will help you make informed business and marketing decisions on a go-forward basis.

To increase dental practice revenue, it’s important to look at acquisition and retention. The marketing intelligence you want to know:

  • the value of active patients & new patients
  • the value of non-insured patients vs membership plan
  • net gain …or loss each month & trends
  • which marketing campaigns are contributing to your success
  • how calls are being handled at your practice
  • patient production related to each marketing campaign – down to the penny
  • how effectively new patients are being scheduled back
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With Practice ZEBRA’s marketing intelligence, you’ll have black & white visibility of the results from every marketing campaign.

Practice ZEBRA is the only dental software to provide accurate marketing analytics and proper attribution. Many less accurate alternatives may provide simple or last-click attribution but that fails to account for all contributing factors that led to the new patient appointment. With ZEBRA, you’ll know all your key metrics, including correct attribution using phone, form-fill and address matching to provide a clearer view of the patient journey and allowing you to make more accurate decisions regarding campaigns and practice growth.

Practice ZEBRA’s amazing brain-power tracks the production from each new patient and connects it to each distinct marketing campaign based on very sophisticated call and address matching attribution, ensuring you’re reaching the right consumers and the right time with the right messages leading to increased conversions

Detailed marketing intelligence, in real-time, available 24/7 in Practice ZEBRA. Weekly KPI emails keep you in tune with what’s happening – because we know you’re busy too!

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Save time & operate more efficiently

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Entice patients without insurance to join your practice & boost patient value

People avoid dental visits for several reasons. Fear, unpleasant prior experiences, busy schedules … and, of course, “perceived” cost. It can be tough to get patients into the dental chair if they don’t have coverage to help offset the cost of treatment. When you can offer an in-house dental membership plan, you can attract more quality patients to your practice, and more easily convert them to new patients. And guess what? On average, despite the perception of a discounted plan, these patients are worth 2X than those who aren’t insured, which means more production coming your way!

If you currently offer a membership plan or are thinking of doing so in the future, that’s fantastic! But equally as important as the plan itself is promotion. As we know, to bring more new patients to your practice, you need to raise awareness of its existence. The same goes for a dental membership plan.

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Effortless In-House Plan Promotion

The In-House Membership Plan Booster in Practice ZEBRA makes it effortless for you to reach all your non-insured patients, to maximize plan value and practice production.

Sample communication pieces from Practice ZEBRA's Dental Membership Plan Booster

Dental Membership Plan Booster automatically sends…

  • informative emails that promote your plan to non-insured patients
  • pre-appointment reminders with a call-to-action prompting sign-up
  • plan-use reminder to increase renewals.
Give it a spin as part of a RISK-FREE trial with Practice ZEBRA or try it on its own. Increase membership plan activity and boost production today.
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Dental Appointment Reminders: Run Your Practice Efficiently Free Up Time, Reduce No-Shows & Show Patients Your Practice Cares

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With the hectic lives we lead, It’s easy to miss an appointment. Have you ever missed a business meeting simply because you lost track of time? Have you mixed up dates because you keyed in information incorrectly into your digital calendar?

From time to time, dental patients miss appointments. It’s not intentional; it just happens. The good news is you can cut down the no-show rate with Patient NEWS’ automated Dental Appointment Reminders including automated email and text messaging.

  • Branded to your practice
  • Automated Emails feature value-added educational content
  • Two-Way Texting allows you to communicate per patient preferences – no phone lines needed
  • Click of a button convenience for patients = happy patients
  • PMS Sync keeps your data up-to-date in your system and ZEBRA so you know who’s confirmed and who needs follow-up
  • Patient Cards allow you to keep records up to date
  • Monthly “To-Do” Email reports advise what patient data needs updating (email/cell/address) so you ensure your campaigns reach patients when you want them too
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Sample email communication sent to dental patients from Practice ZEBRA to increase dental practice revenue

Conveniently available with Practice ZEBRA, Dental Appointment Reminders sends automated emails and text messages to patients in advance of their appointment. It also gives them the option to add the details to their device’s calendar. And with read/write directly to your PMS, you know exactly who’s confirmed and who needs follow up!

Sample text appointment reminder sent to a patient through Practice ZEBRA
Reduce your no-show rate and increase dental production with this innovative and complete dental appointment reminder solution.
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Increase new patients and boost production

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Offering superior customer service and patient care is a critical component of your mission, vision, and philosophy. But when it comes to managing excellence at every patient touchpoint, time can run short.

That’s why scoring your inbound marketing calls can be so invaluable. When you incorporate call conversion scoring on all your dental marketing campaigns, not only will you maximize results on specific campaigns, you will also increase practice production across the board.

Call scoring provides you with the insights needed to:

  • increase new patients without increasing marketing
  • identify training and coaching needs
  • implement the scripts and guidelines you expect for new-patient calls
  • respond more quickly to new-patient inquiries & provide better customer service
  • increase individual conversion rates.
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You’ll be able to recoup thousands of dollars per month in revenue for each dental office you manage. You can see and listen to new patient calls per campaign and with expert unbiased scoring on every new patient call, you’ll know the reasons patients don’t schedule so you can take action to win more patients.

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Get notified the INSTANT a call fails and a great patient opportunity doesn’t schedule. ZEBRA’s artificial intelligence (AI) gives instant alerts for both missed calls and missed opportunities.

Because our team of trained dental call scorers listens to each call, you’ll also know the reasons patients don’t book, how much revenue was lost so you can quantify the value of improving call handling. And you’ll be able to review scorecards, unsuccessful calls, and team/practice performance. The addition of call scoring, you have access to our best-in-class new dental patient training modules, Phone Power to support your team, improve the patient experience, and help each dental office increase revenue.

Get the best of both worlds and empower your team to seize more new-patient conversions! Contact our team of trusted dental
marketing experts for details.
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Your Questions Answered

Open FAQs To Read Frequently Asked Questions About Increasing Practice Production
Or better yet, call us at 888-377-2404 & talk to a real person!


Do you have a couple of tips that work to increase dental practice production?

There are a few key areas, first of all, know your key performance metrics. You can have a free metrics review in ZEBRA if you’re new to Patient NEWS. For new patients, focus on call coaching and improved conversion. Bumping the answer and conversion rate just slightly can really boost practice production without further investments in new patient marketing. Top dental offices always ensure patients are booked for a future appointment and that’s always tied to stronger production. In between visits, stay connected to patients with value-added communications so your name stays top of mind and they don’t lapse and they know who to refer when friends or family ask. And use a system for reminding patients about their upcoming appointment. An easy and effective solution is to use an automated reminder system. We offer that directly through our practice intelligence tool, Practice ZEBRA.

As a dental marketing company, what does your team take the most pride in?

Customer service is always at the top of the list. All of our Marketing Consultants, Account Success Managers, and creative team members are committed to our clients’ success and delivering an exceptional experience throughout every touchpoint. With Patient NEWS, you are treated as an equal partner. We genuinely care about the health of your business, patients, team, and you and your long-term success.

How many dental practices use Practice ZEBRA’s dental software?

Thousands of dental offices across North America have used our dental software to track and effectively manage their dental marketing campaigns. Now ZEBRA helps throughout the patient journey so dental offices can make data-driven business decisions, and increase production and practice value.

What are the main benefits of dental call scoring?

They are pretty much endless! But we’ll list some of the key ones here. They include, number one, more production, plus it creates a better customer service experience, process efficiency, operational enhancements, and … (the one you’ll like the most!) more happy new patients.

I’ve heard it’s more cost-effective to keep a patient than to gain a new one. Why should I invest in new-patient dental marketing?

Again, that comes back to your goals and issues around capacity. New patients are the lifeblood of most practices. Looking in Practice ZEBRA at our consolidated data from hundreds of offices, we can see that first-year patient value is 2-3x more than existing patient values. And remember, the average dental practice loses around 20% of their patients each year, not due to poor servicing, but to naturally occurring causes like job change, death, or movers. It’s important that every office focus on keeping a steady positive flow of new patients. Monitor your net gain/loss metrics and trends in ZEBRA to ensure you’re growing and not losing more than you’re adding.