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You’re in the business of improving people’s smiles and their quality of life. And just like any other business, your practice or group needs to be profitable and attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell. So, what can you do right now to increase dental practice valuation?

Patient NEWS and Practice ZEBRA can help you boost dental practice value with real-time data you can act on immediately and use to plan effectively for the future by allowing you to demonstrate consistent and positive trends of growth for your location.


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Profitable Business? Lucrative Sale? Dream Retirement?

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When your practice is thriving, investing in it at a higher pace will add to your practice valuation. Whether you want a more profitable business now, to work towards a lucrative sale and hit your dream retirement, Practice ZEBRA can help bring the metrics that matter into focus.

One of the cornerstones of a successful dental business is practice intelligence. It allows your practice to operate at maximum efficiency, deliver an optimal patient experience, and make marketing and operational decisions that drive future growth. And all of that adds value to the practice when it comes time to sell or expand.

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A practice growth dashboard you can’t live without

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Practice ZEBRA is the go-to, all-in-one practice growth dashboard to maximize the value of your practice or group. At any time, you or your team members can log in and see where the business is excelling and where it needs attention, and make business decisions based on real-time black-and-white data. It takes the guesswork out of running your practice, and that means you can spot trends and turn on a dime when necessary.

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With Practice ZEBRA or ZEBRA Enterprise, you have around-the-clock access to dental practice intelligence, marketing intelligence, marketing automation, and call conversion support.

There is a plethora of information available that will help you understand what’s going on with…

  • existing & new patients

  • call handling & conversion

  • digital presence (dental website, online reputation, social media analytics, etc.)

  • marketing analytics & attribution to the penny patients spend

  • production activity

  • and so much more!

See what’s happening with clickable patient reports

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With Practice ZEBRA, the #1 dental marketing software solution to increase production and practice value, you won’t have any uncertainty around who your most valuable patients are, who’s at risk of attriting, and who needs to get booked in for a future appointment – pronto. It’s all here with downloadable patient reports!

This information that will enable your practice to:

  • understand who high-value patients are & how to find more of them
  • identify revenue opportunities
  • recapture lapsing & high value patients
  • fill holes in your schedule, boost production & keep profits high.

No more will patients slip through the cracks! This leading practice intelligence is on your side – at all times – to increase production and boost profits for a more successful sale.

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Practice intelligence that helps facilitate the patient journey

Screenshots of various data from Practice ZEBRA used to increase production

Because it connects to your practice management software, our practice and marketing intelligence tool gives you an accurate picture of how your team is managing all aspects of the patient journey.

For example, the first phase is awareness – that means raising awareness of your office or offices in the community. Practice ZEBRA shows just how well your campaigns are working. See exactly which dental marketing strategies are driving calls to your practice and resulting in appointments. Vital information for improving profits and valuation.

When it comes to the level of customer service new and current patients receive over the phone, this is also visible. Call conversion metrics tell the full story of how your front desk team is handling each and every opportunity – and whether they’re making the most of them. (And if not, we have a powerful phone training program called Phone Power to turn your team into front desk superstars!)

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Group practices will also find this information very beneficial. This technology gives your team a full 360° view of all operational aspects of the practice. And that means different departments can work together and better understand what’s happening in all areas of the business. These insights support business decision-making, marketing planning, and delivering a consistent message and patient experience – organization-wide.

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Effectively Marketing Your Practice To Demonstrate Growth

Maximize practice valuation by showing both new patient and active patient engagement and activity. Clear visibility of practice data and trends allows for informed decision making and effective dental marketing. The more you can show going into sale-mode, the better off you’ll be.

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The Market & Practice Share

When assessing the value of your dental office, easily demonstrate current market share and the VALUE of your patient base with accurate patient maps, patient demographics and spend.

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Don’t forget about production benchmarking & trends

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Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” Those famous words ring true for everyone, including the business of dentistry – your practice! Dental offices or groups that want to see a rapid increase in their key performance indicators need to benchmark. In summary, that means looking at where trends have taken you up to now and what they indicate for the future.

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Practice ZEBRA unveils these metrics – from the past and the present. By benchmarking business metrics, you’ll know where you’ve been, what activities you were engaged in to create a specific result, and from there, set measurable goals that you can compare against previous achievements.

Production benchmarking with ZEBRA is easy with data that includes:

  • production trends – active & new patients
  • new-patient visits
  • scheduling case acceptance trends.

Take ZEBRA for a test drive and get full metrics review today.

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Your Questions Answered

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When it comes to dental practice sales, how do you determine valuation?

There are three primary practice valuation methods practice owners should consider when deciding to sell their business. They include income-based valuation methods, market-based valuation methods, and net-asset valuation methods. Business value is primarily determined by the risk of investment, cash flow, and the ROI for the buyer.

What is the average dental practice value?

Many things affect the value of a dental practice. So, as much as we’d like to give you an average figure, it’s not quite that simple.

What are some ideas I can use for increasing production?

There are several things dental practices can do from both a marketing and operational standpoint to boost production. We’ll offer a few marketing ideas that we know work. Raise awareness of your office(s) with a print neighborhood newsletter. Yes, even in this digital age, statistics and surveys show that people appreciate receiving mail! And best of all, direct mail gets to all intended recipients – 100% of them. Then, when the recipients join your practice, stay in touch with them with your own personalized and customized patient newsletter that reminds them your practice is at their service and that their oral health should always be a top priority. Other ways to foster the relationship with your practice include digital communication via eNewsletters, appointment reminders, dental membership plan invitations, and engagement through social media.

What can Patient NEWS do to help increase my practice value?

We offer dental teams a full suite of marketing solutions to increase patients, production, and differentiate their practice in their community. A steady marketing plan before selling will help ensure the practice remains current and relevant – and the one that people in your target audience will contact when they have a dental need.

How many active dental patients should the average practice have?

Your active patient account is one of the most important numbers of which to be aware. The thing is, less than 5% of dentists know what that number is at their office. On average, in a practice with an active patient base of 1,000, dentists will gross close to half a million dollars. If a solo practice is going to bring an Associate on board, it should have at least 1,800 active patients to do it successfully and profitably.