Dental Postcards

Direct mail has been proven to be more effective at driving behavior than digital media. BUT not all direct mail is the same.

At Patient News we can provide you with a variety of direct mail solutions, including dental postcards, patient newsletters and brochures. However, when it comes to attracting more new patients to your dental practice, newsletters CRUSH postcards – for response and return on investment (ROI).

Not all direct mail is the same. Request a FREE Consultation now!

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  • Postcards make a higher impact than email and web advertising (while newsletters make twice the impact of postcards)
  • The great thing about direct mail is that it’s one of the most trackable mediums. If you think postcards would work best for your market area, test it out using proven methods to determine what’s best for you.
  • Don’t let your practice be lost in the bundle of pizza postcards. STAND OUT with a customized direct mail newsletter.


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While postcards may seem like a natural choice, they’re really only around because they’re easy – not because they drive the best return on investment. They don’t require an editorial, research, and writing board (which we’ve invested in at Patient News). And postcards may seem easy for you – logo, headline, and offer ... and you’re done.

Dental postcards are perceived to be less expensive. However in an extensive study, in 300 markets, we pitted our beautiful and highly customized postcards directly against our newsletters – same content, same offers – and newsletters significantly outpulled postcards. It’s proven. We can sell you either solution but we know newsletters are better.

There are instances where dental postcards are ideal. They can be great for targeted promotions and events. But when you want to attract more high-quality new patients on a consistent basis, newsletters crush postcards with 70% higher response.