Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient satisfaction surveys are an invaluable method of gathering information. Rely on Patient News to offer you great patient satisfaction survey questions to garner the information you need to make sound business strategy decisions.



Dental patient satisfaction surveys help retain patients
& increase referrals!


You really want to send a patient survey at least once per year to maintain a barometer on how you and your team are doing. Patient surveys provide you with the leading indicators you need for dental marketing and business planning. When you conduct your dental patient surveys annually, you demonstrate to your patients that you're interested in providing quality care and are actively looking for ways to improve. Patient satisfaction surveys serve to strengthen patient relationships and provide key learnings to improve your dental services and product offerings.

Patient surveys can help you:

  • Improve your service
  • Address staff-training requirements
  • Identify new-product requirements
  • Provide better care
  • Create happier patients
  • Increase your revenue

At Patient News, we are big believers in the voice of the customer. We actively listen to the feedback we have received through extensive industry surveys, client feedback forms, and our own annual survey. The feedback we receive has helped drive us to continually improve our products and services to more effectively meet the needs of our clients.

We Take Care Of All Aspects

From development and design, to printing, mailing, results compilation, and report analysis, we take care of everything.

The information gathered from your patient satisfaction surveys will allow you to structure change in your practice based on reliable market research. While most survey results will center on areas of weakness, practices often receive a lot of positive reinforcement as well. Positive feedback and comments from patient surveys are a great boost for staff morale and an excellent motivational tool to encourage improvement.

Care All Aspects

Our patient survey program includes tabulation and straightforward reporting, so practices can easily determine their strengths and weaknesses, and our top-of-the-line mailing services take care of the time-consuming and tedious task of mailing our your patient experience surveys. Sent with your patient newsletter or on their own, they're delivered in classic linen envelopes that feature your logo in full color and an actual postage stamp, both which heighten open rates.

When you choose a combination newsletter/survey program, we can mail your patient surveys along with your newsletter at no extra postage cost.

Satisfaction surveys for patients help to advance your interaction with patients and they make your practice feel more accessible. Dental patient surveys also improve interpersonal issues and improve patient satisfaction.

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Patient Surveys – A Great Part Of A Retention Strategy

You will have a profound effect on your dental practice success when you check the health of your existing patient relationships. Ensuring patient satisfaction will not only improve your overall annual patient spend, it will increase the length of time patients stay with your practice and the number of new patient referrals they will send your way. According to Press Ganey, a conservative 5% unsatisfied rate could cost a dental practitioner upwards of $150,000 per year.

Do you know what effect your team's satisfaction is having on patient satisfaction?

  • Do you know how likely your patients are to refer family and friends your practice?
  • Do you know if patients feel that your fees are reasonable for the service they receive?
  • Do you know what improvements they would like or what things you offer they don't like or want?

According to Client Heartbeat, there are six main reasons why client satisfaction is important:

  • Indicator of repurchase intentions
  • Point of differentiation
  • Reduction in patient attrition
  • Improves lifetime value
  • Reduce negative word of mouth
  • Less expensive to retain than acquire.

Patient satisfaction indicators will assist you in making fact-based key operational decisions based on your consumer preferences. We can guide you through the question creation process and take care of production, mailing, and collection of the surveys, plus we'll tabulate the data and provide a concise easy-to-understand report back to you. Easy peasy.

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