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Boost your number of high-value membership patients with Practice ZEBRA.

Plus Now – Special ZEBRA pricing available for Kleer clients!

Automated Dental Membership Plan Enhancer

Boost members by over 10% in the first month! Practice ZEBRA, the #1 dental  software solution from Patient NEWS, offers you the first-in-industry systematic and automated communication cadences that make it effortless for you to reach all of your non-insured patients and maximize your results from your Kleer program – at special Kleer dentist pricing.

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Plan members are proven to deliver 2x non-insured patient value. The problem? Communicating the value-proposition to patients, consistently promoting your plan to all non-insured patients, and following up on renewal.

Now with ZEBRA’s automated email/text cadences, you’ll be able to convert more non-insured patients, boost renewals, and increase production!

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As a Kleer client, you’ll have the added benefit of integration allowing us to bring plan expiry into Practice ZEBRA, allowing the system to remind patients to use their hygiene visits and experience the full value of your plan, helping to drive additional services production and renewals!

Kleer dentists receive preferred Practice ZEBRA Pricing

For 27+ years, Patient NEWS has been the proven and trusted marketing partner to thousands of dentists like you. 

In addition to maximizing results from your Kleer membership program, Practice ZEBRA is the dental industry’s leading practice and marketing intelligence software solution featuring marketing automation and call conversion technology and tools.

You’ll get all of Practice ZEBRA at special Kleer dentist pricing.

Gain access to data and patients to accelerate practice growth

  • Say goodbye to missed opportunities with black & white clarity of key metrics
  • Keep track of what you care about & identify opportunities to boost practice production
  • Increase practice efficiencies & improve call conversion
  • Attract & retain more patients faster & better than before
  • Differentiate your practice, stand out & grow

Ultimate Flexibility: Email Anything - Anytime

Custom module with access to our leading dental content writers to quickly share practice updates – right now would you love to send news and reassurance to your patients quickly and easily at the push of a button. You can with ZEBRA’s email anytime module.

Not a DIYer? No worries, we've got you covered

Call us and connect with our top-notch client service support. Practice ZEBRA users have a dedicated specialist reachable via phone, email, and text who are there and respond fast.

Automated Marketing Solutions


You choose which solutions you’d like to activate.

  • Review Booster, review generation technology to increase positive patient reviews – email & text reputation management with responder dashboard
  • Appointment Reminders – email & text communications to save time, eliminate no-shows & keep schedules full
  • Monthly educational patient newsletters - keep patients connected & increase referrals
  • DMP Enhancer – to maximize membership plan results

Practice ZEBRA helps you practice smarter, not harder. Practice ZEBRA will help you enhance your Kleer membership plan, improve practice operations and marketing to drive higher practice value.

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ZEBRA Intelligence

Practice Intelligence 

  • Patient & new-patient counts, trends & values
  • Scheduling metrics, hygiene reappointment, case acceptance
  • Patients by generation & value, net gain/lost patients
  • Patient contact data, missing email, cell, address
  • Insurance metrics, patient value by insurance

Marketing Intelligence

  • Monitor marketing results and analytics from all campaigns
  • Find the right new patients with patient mapping (see where they’re coming from)
  • Campaign call tracking & recording with word cloud
  • Campaign ROI analytics including attribution by phone & address

Call Conversion

  • Catch more new patients with instant alerts for missed calls and missed OPPORTUNITIES
  • Phone power new dental patient telephone training
  • Overcome objections with scripting and coaching materials
  • Call scoring intelligence including reasons patients don’t book

With Practice ZEBRA, you’ll have access to proprietary industry data, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and world-class sophistication which make this platform structured, intelligent, and dynamic. Combine it with your Kleer dental membership plan, the smarts of you and your team and you get a can’t-live-without tool for practice growth and security.

SAVE MONEY: Consolidate your myriad of monthly tech payments into this one fantastic can’t-live-without Practice ZEBRA. You’ll be dazzled! (Fun fact: a herd of ZEBRAs is called a dazzle!)

Practice ZEBRA’s high-quality automated email and text messages will help you increase production and maximize the results from your Kleer dental membership plan.

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