Dr. Dykstra's Success With A Strong Patient Focus

Our practice is successful because we have a strong focus on the patient ... We are a “yes” office.

Dr. Bradley Broughton - Average of 52 New Patients Each Month

22% increase in patient-of-record numbers. $200,000 increase in annual top-line revenue. Average of 52 new patients each month (some months 60-80).

Dr. Todd Maggiore

I recommend you try Patient News if you are searching for the biggest immediate bang for your buck.

Dr. Steven P. Ellinwood

The customer care is 5 star!! Our patients say they look forward to receiving the newsletters and always learn something new.

Dr. Bradley Dykstra

I recommend Patient News if you are looking for more new patients!

Advanced Family Smiles

I can't say enough about how great the team at Patient News has been from our initial interactions to our ongoing relationships. Their exceptional customer service, from the way they answer the phones to the timeliness of response, along with outstanding ongoing support is the gold standard that we're trying to replicate at our various practices. This level of support makes Patient News a fantastic partner for any group practice.

Dr. Stacey Johnson

The knowledge, Experience, and Professionalism that is displayed through phone interviews to production and all of those in between have been outstanding. I so appreciate everyone there. Rachel is charming :)

Dr. Robert Hughes

Great practice builder!

Dr. Gilbert Parrott

One-on-one customer service. Great way to build patient relations and retention!

Dr. Bradley Broughton

If you need an increase in production, I recommend Patient News!
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