Beacon Dental Center

We have had 36 unique callers since we started 5 weeks ago!

Newman Springs Dental Care

Patient News marketing is getting twice the patient response when directly compared to another marketing company that I have used for 8 years! I know because it has a unique phone number. Very professional staff and product quality is the best!

Dr. John N. Athans, Jr.

Comprehensive Dentistry

We've received very positive response to our newsletters. Patients especially love the personal things we add. PNP creates a great product, using an excellent team to facilitate the process.

Lifetime Dental Excellence

Patient newsletters are a very important marketing tool. They provide a great way to inform on our services and methods of payment.

Gurtner Dental

We have had so many positive comments from our patients. They enjoy our newsletter. We are extremely satisfied with Patient News.

Lois Mazer, for Dr. Alan Mazer

Patients enjoy reading the newsletter. We get frequent comments about the quality and professionalism. We are extremely satisfied with the excellent service, professional staff, and product.

Park Ridge Dental Associates

Dr. Denis Simmons

Dr. Alan L. Mazer

Our patients really enjoy our newsletter. Plus, they ask questions about highlighted topics, education is key! Patient News' customer service is wonderful, professional, and attentive to our needs. Wonderful organization. We are extremely satisfied.

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