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Practice ZEBRA’s patient reports give you at-a-glance access to:

  • Top value patients

  • Non-scheduled patients

  • Patients in danger of attriting

  • Lost patients

  • Active patient map by patient value

  • Unaccepted treatments

  • And you can filter the data any way you like!

Increase Dental Patient Production With Clear-Cut Metrics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice & patient needs

Drive and manage continuous growth with patients. Monitor and manage patient activity with one dental software. Increase dental patient production and stay on top of the trends at your practice.

If you and your team have been struggling to track your trends and information and find it impossible to get an accurate reading on your patient situation, Practice ZEBRA is your can’t-live-without dental analytics platform for patient reporting. Practice ZEBRA dental software is the best, most time and cost-effective way to collect, track, and make sense of patient data and improve practice valuation.

“This data-driven technology is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing.”
– Dr. Hazel Glasper

Dental software for a more profitable & productive practice!

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Improving the patient experience has become a critical element for dental practice success. Having a focus on patient retention to reduce attrition, or churn, includes engaging patients, educating them about your services and the value you provide, creating stickiness to your practice, understanding who is at risk, knowing your highest-value patients, and providing superior service. Having effective internal processes for patient communications, scheduling, and internal retention marketing will boost production and profits. A dental analytics platform like Practice ZEBRA will support your efforts to increase dental patient production with valuable patient reports.

See who your top-value patients are at any moment

Click to see Top Value Active Patients
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Top-value patients are the ones who make their appointments, accept treatment recommendations, and make referrals to friends and family. They are the ones you just can’t lose. So, who are they? Practice ZEBRA’s Top-Value Patients data will let you know. Available for both active and new patients, this clickable report gives you a list of the top 10% of patients within the date range you choose. This list, which can be exported to your computer, also includes:

  • patient & guarantor details
  • first visit/reactivation date
  • last visit date
  • production over two years
  • insurance provider
  • …and more!

You’ll want to go above and beyond for these patients and maintain excellent communication to ensure they receive the VIP treatment at all times. You want all of them to be rescheduled. And if you want to surprise and delight them, you know who they are.


Are new dental patients scheduled?

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The average dental practice has less than 40% of their active patients scheduled, while top performers have 70% engaged. To increase dental patient production, new patient flow must stay ahead of lost patients – but the key – getting them to return for the 2nd visit and beyond. If patients aren’t scheduled to come back – your practice isn’t on their radar, and worse, they’re not in your appointment reminder cadence.

Click to see Non-Scheduled Active Patients

With convenient downloadable reports, Practice ZEBRA helps you stay abreast of these non-scheduled patients who aren’t attached to your practice in any way.

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Why worry? New patients, on average, contribute twice as much as an average active patient. It’s new patients that help offset naturally occurring attrition, which, for most practices, accounts for a 20% reduction in their patient base annually. Based on ZEBRA data, the average practice with more than $1 million in production has about 40% of their new patients scheduled to return. For those doing less than $1 million, the average is closer to 30%. Where are you?


Quickly recapture lost patients

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Are there patients who are at risk of leaving your practice forever? With our Danger Patients report, you’ll see who hasn’t had an appointment in the last nine months. The Lost Patients report identifies those who haven’t had a transaction in 24 months. You can also find out how much dentistry they’ve received in the past and determine who could be most valuable to your practice in the future.

Danger Patients:
Click to see Danger Patients
tool tip
Click to see Lost Patients
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Your office manager will be able to take action and move more of these patients from lapsing to active, which increases production, overall patient satisfaction, and lifetime value.

Topographic maps to see exactly where patients are coming from

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With active and new-patient maps, you get a FULL breakdown of where your patients are coming from so you can improve marketing results. This quick, easy-to-navigate feature also allows you to determine higher patient-value clusters to refine targeting and messaging that resonates. Also, this feature enables you to…

  • see where patients are located in proximity to your office
  • view all patients or isolate patients by production value over the last 24 months
  • filter patients to show only those within a 10-mile radius of your practice
  • find out how many patients are in each household
  • get patient statistics by zip code.

Discover untapped revenue with this report

Middle Eastern female dental patient calls her dentist after receiving email newsletter on laptop
Apprehensive woman bites her lip while thinking about visiting the dentist
With Practice ZEBRA’s dental intel you'll know which patients need prompting to book their next appointment. It's often a major challenge for dental offices to track recommended treatment plans that haven't been accepted. Not only could this impact patients’ oral health but also your top-line production opportunity. With the Unaccepted Treatments report, you get all the critical details on patients as well as the name of their provider, a description of the recommended procedure and its value, and more. This helpful report will help you get on track with these patients.

The Patient Reports in Practice ZEBRA will help you stay on top of patient metrics, increase patient value, and improve patient retention rates.


Your Questions Answered

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How important is a scheduling system for my dental practice’s success?

An excellent scheduling system does more than just allow you to book appointments. It maximizes productivity, creates better patient flow, decreases stress for both patients and staff, and ultimately contributes to the superior customer service that your patients have come to expect since day one. That’s why it’s imperative to use the most efficient, flexible, and current scheduling software that you can get your hands on.

Does Practice ZEBRA’s dental software contain information on my accounts receivable?

Yes! You’re in luck there. A pie chart shows the balances of accounts ranging from less than 30 days overdue to beyond 90 days. Full patient lists with complete details can be exported to your computer.

Can I see how much production my office is generating every month?

Yes. This information is available for both new patients and existing patients. A line graph shows exactly how much patients are generating. By hovering over a particular month, an exact dollar figure pops up. In the New Patients section, three different lines appear in the chart. One represents the total number of new patients, the second is for new patients from your target area (those who have come to the practice from your marketing initiatives), and last but not least are all new patients from “other sources.”

Do you have a few tips you could share to help my practice retain dental patients?

First off, it’s essential to maintain regular communication with patients through direct mail, automated eNewsletters, and social media. It takes a consistent effort on this front so that they don’t forget about you, your practice, and the reasons why it’s critical to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. If you have inactive patients, get your team to embark on a phone call blitz and book at least 80% of them in for an appointment. Another quick tip is to bring in a steady flow of online reviews and respond to both the positive and negative. When it comes to the poor ones, you may find a common thread between them. As a result, this information could help identify specific gaps at the practice, which can then be addressed to enhance the patient experience.